High-Impact Channel Lettering
& Backlit Signs

Help your customers “see the light” with our backlit sign solutions. A backlit sign is a unique touch that attracts potential customers and clients, day or night. We produce a range of custom backlit signs, including channel lettering for retail businesses.

Our designers put an emphasis on detail to ensure that your final product provides maximum visual impact and communicates your company’s message or corporate identity clearly and effectively. A free, advance site consultation is standard, to ensure your backlit sign is installed in the right place, so it will be as effective as possible. We also address your precise electrical requirements, ensuring a smooth installation experience for our clients.

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Distinctive Pylon Signs

We also create highly specialized backlit pylon signs for commercial and residential buildings. These standalone structures are used outside commercial businesses and list the occupants in a particular building. Worried about permits? We manage projects the whole way through and can take care of any necessary permit requirements so you don’t have to!

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Our backlit, channel lettering and pylon signs can be found in various places all over, including Movati Athletic Club, TD Place/Lansdowne Park, Accora Village, and Minto Commercial Properties.



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